Gem Submission Guidelines


What do we mean by "Gem" ? Simply put, a Gem is a share-worthy item - something which can be shared with individuals or organisations. Typically, it will be something very useful; perhaps it's innovative, or maybe it's simply tried and tested. Nevertheless, it has proven useful to you, and it will be, when shared, useful to others.

Please review the GEM submission Checklist before submitting your gems to help smooth the process for getting your gems polished and published on the Share Centre.

If you can see that other landcare groups, networks or landcare staff could benefit from your Gem then it is a good candidate for inclusion in the Landcare Share Center. Keep in mind that Gems are meant to be very simple bits of information that others will find useful - they should not be complex, and in fact they are more likely to be more useful the simpler they are.

Furthermore, bear in mind that the internet is a source of a massive amount of information, some of which is very useful, and equally some of which is not. Trawling the internet for useful information is relatively straightforward using a search engine. The Landcare Share Centre does not attempt to replace the internet, nor to simply act as a portal to other sites on the web. The Landcare Share Centre complements the internet, and (here's the thing), its Gems are those things which landcarers have, through real world application, identified as probably being useful to other landcarers.

The examples below provide some common types of Gem along with the sort of information you will need to provide.

A Useful Resource

The useful resource category typically includes things like a Landcare Field Guides or information sheets that your group has developed and found useful. Options for what you offer might include one or more of the following:

  • Offer to provide copies of the finished item
  • Offer to provide a copy of the software files used to produce the item so that the recipient can modify it to suit their own situation or local circumstances

A Useful Idea

Landcare is full of great ideas, Some examples:

  • Host a 'Feral Dinner' to raise awareness of pest animal issues. Partner with the local CWA to prepare a feral feast with rabbits, deer, with side salads of bush tucker
  • Host a singles planting, or weed maintenance day
  • Work with the local schools to produce 'seed mud-bombs' for restoring local wetlands or dams

A Useful Contact

Useful contacts are people you know of that you have found useful and that you think could be useful to other groups, networks of landcare staff. Contacts can include people who are willing to volunteer or people who provide a professional service - the key thing is that you have found them useful and you believe others could also benefit. Some examples:

  • Someone who is good at helping groups with governance and planning
  • Someone who is a good presenter for a field day or event (e.g. a person with expertise or experience in a particular field - weed id., fungus id., soil health, fox control, and so on...)
  • Someone who is good at assisting groups to develop partnerships
  • Someone who is experienced in the ins and outs of employing staff and the options available
  • Someone who has had success at writing grant applications
  • Someone with a good understanding of what it takes to run a successful Green Army project

An Opportunity to Collaborate

Your group may have an idea that makes more sense if you can get others interested, some examples might include:

  • A group is looking to engage a Green Army team but only has enough work to keep a crew busy for 3 weeks and so is looking to collaborate with other groups to develop a full works program
  • A group running a citizen science program might be interested in getting other groups interested in collaborating around their program
  • A group may have an idea they wish to advocate for and are looking to see who else might be interested in the same issues - governments like to see collaborations !

The Landcare Share Centre is grassroots Landcare supporting grassroots Landcare

The Share Centre is a service provided by Landcare Victoria Incorporated (LVI)