Walking the river - connecting landcarers

In 2013 a group of passionate Landcare members decided to walk the length of the Barwon River from its source in the Otways to the mouth at Barwon Heads. The reason? To increase the local communities’ awareness of this important feature of the landscape, to talk and walk, connect with the landscape and each other - and learn along the way. Having completed 3 of the 4 legs, the outcome has been much more than a lesson in natural history and geography; the walk has fostered bonds between walkers themselves, different landcare groups and networks, and their hosts the farm owners, and with the history of the first peoples; all of which taken together has to be good for Landcare.

The Network has developed a number of resources to assist the implementation of this project which may be of use to any landcare groups who were thinking of running a similar walk.

Contact: Turn on Javascript! of the Upper Barwon Landcare Network to discuss.

Photo: Participants walking along the Barwon River in April 2016

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