Kingfisher Magazine

What is a great visual and tangible way to connect to Landcare members, increase community awareness of environmental issues, and also celebrate local achievements?

 East Gippsland Landcare Network has answered this question by publishing a quarterly magazine - The Kingfisher. At Christmas-time, all 800 Landcare members receive an edition of The Kingfisher. The other three editions of The Kingfisher are a smaller print run, with some Landcare members viewing it as an e-magazine with an online link.

 In the Christmas edition of The Kingfisher,  the posted package also includes the Landcare regional calendar. The calendar is produced with a different theme each year, uses member photographs and is distributed throughout three networks:

  • East Gippsland Landcare Network
  • Far East Victorian Landcare
  • Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee

 The 12-page Kingfisher magazine contains stories from the groups with photographs, recipes, and network information such as equipment hire, and upcoming events.

For more information, please contact  Turn on Javascript! of the East Gippsland landcare Network.

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