East Gippsland NRM non-profit organisations

Key characteristics of East Gippsland include low population density and a large proportion of natural areas including eucalyptus forests, rainforest, coastal vegetation, and beaches. Within East Gippsland, there are a number of active non-profit organisations engaged in Natural Resource Management (NRM) projects on public and private land. These include:

  • East Gippsland Landcare Network
  • Trust for Nature
  • Greening Australia
  • Gippsland Plains Conservation Management Network
  • East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network
  • Fishcare
  • Birdlife East Gippsland.

Over many years, these non-profit NRM groups have developed an ongoing working relationship that is based on collaboration. There is acknowledgement and respect that each NRM group has a different focus, and individuals within the group have specific areas of expertise. The collaboration means that the NRM groups don’t compete for funding or jobs, instead they work together for mutually beneficial goals. They call themselves the “Care Groups”.

For more information, please contact  Turn on Javascript! of the East Gippsland landcare Network.

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