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For many farmers, their primary focus is the productivity of their land, and management decisions are aimed at improving productivity as farming is a business that aims to make a profit. However, amongst many Landcare members, there is an increasingly popular focus to view land more holistically, and with an environment health perspective.

In East Gippsland, many Landcare projects have been protection and restoration works on the critically endangered Gippsland Plains Grassy Woodland area, and also around the Gippsland Lakes. These two areas are also important local landscapes that support a large and diverse range of bird species.

East Gippsland Landcare Network has recognised that birds can be used as a very useful tool in assessing environmental health, and they have created two booklets to raise awareness and increase community knowledge of native and introduced birds - Birds of the Gippsland Lakes, and Birds of Gippsland Plains Grassy Woodlands. The aim of the booklets is to assist Landcare members to determine the health of their patch by using birds as an indicator species, and to provide information on how the landscape could be improved through best practice management. 

 The full-colour booklet is a handy pocket size, and has information on local bird species including:

  • conservation status;
  • reporting rate (species abundance is stable, increasing, or decreasing);
  • food preference;
  • habitat;
  • foraging niche;
  • key notes on other relevant information.

The booklet outlines eight principles to assist land managers to manage habitat on their land. The principles are all inter-related and work together to achieve maximum available habitat for birds and other wildlife with the context of a modified landscape. The two booklets have been created in conjunction with Birdlife East Gippsland.

For more information, please contact  Turn on Javascript! of the East Gippsland landcare Network.

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