Rabbit Field Day

When Thomas Austin introduced 24 rabbits into Australia in 1859, it is likely that he didn’t fully consider the consequences of his actions. Obviously, rabbits adapted well to their new country, and by 1900, rabbits had spread so well that they’d reached Western Australia. Rabbits have caused ongoing difficulties for farmers for decades.

In recent times, rabbits are a common theme for Landcare group projects, and many groups will focus on innovative methods for control techniques and how to engage the community on rabbit management.

East Gippsland Landcare Network has recently undertaken a novel approach by holding a rabbit management forum at their 2016 East Gippsland Field Days site.

The Rabbit Management Forum included:

  • Guest speakers discussing examples of successful programs
  • Equipment displays of new developments in control techniques
  • Skills development in rabbit management tools

This approach was successful for a number of reasons

  • visual display showing rabbit damage and control options
  • increased awareness of the impact of rabbits as pest animals
  • everyone who walked past the Landcare tent at the Field Days could see the rabbit exhibit, therefore, potentially engage non-Landcare members
  • increased capacity to use tools and undertake rabbit control programs for participants

For more information, please contact  Turn on Javascript! of the East Gippsland Landcare Network.

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