Owning a Small Sheep Enterprise

Many owners of smaller properties are often confronted with their first experience of buying and being responsible for grazing livestock. This is very much part of the appeal of moving to a rural location and becoming connected with a new way of life in a farming environment such as southern Victoria.

Because sheep are smaller and appear easier to handle than cattle, they can be an attractive first step into farming. This may well be the case but there are a number of factors to be considered which are covered in the Fact Sheet.

The Western Port Catchment Landcare Network has developed a series of 12 fact sheets on a variety of topics of special interest to the small landholder. Whilst these fact sheets have been developed for landholders in this region of Victoria, the advice offered equally applies to other parts.

This fact sheet provides some useful considerations, resources and references for those starting out.

Click here to view the Fact Sheet Owning a Small Sheep Enterprise

Source material is available so groups can edit and print their own modified version:

For groups that would like to re-brand and issue their own version the original Publisher files are available by contacting  Turn on Javascript! of the Western Port Catchment Landcare Network.

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