Managing soil on my property

What is a healthy soil? If our aim is to grow healthy food full of minerals and vitamins with great taste then we must provide a healthy soil. Soil health is a term used to describe the general condition of the soil resource including its biological properties. Farmers can recognise a healthy soil by observing, tilling, feeling and smelling it. It is the integration of the chemical, physical and biological properties which gives us this healthy soil.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations describes a healthy soil as a living system that:

• recycles essential plant nutrients,
• controls plant disease,
• stores air and water in its open pore structure,
• forms beneficial associations with plant roots supplying plant nutrients; and
• ultimately improves crop production.

The Western Port Catchment Landcare Network has developed a series of 12 fact sheets on a variety of topics of special interest to the small landholder. Whilst these fact sheets have been developed for landholders in this region of Victoria, the advice offered equally applies to other parts.

This fact sheet provides some useful considerations, resources and references for those starting out.

Click here to view the Fact Sheet Managing soil on my property

Source material is available so groups can edit and print their own modified version:

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