Landcare and the Arts - Accessing community through art

 The Yarram Yarram Landcare Network have developed an ongoing partnership with their arts community. Working group meetings between the network facilitator and the art galleries are held regularly and the network provides promotion and ideas for different artwork themes around the environment. The art galleries provide information to artists on the preferred medium to use such as painting, drawing and sculpting and host the art exhibition in a local gallery. A corporate sponsor who is also a tree planting and fencing contractor provides a prize for the successful artist.

A past theme has included ‘washed up’ which had exhibitors produce art works around waste and rubbish on beaches. This year’s theme will focus art works on threatened species in the area.

The ongoing success of this network’s annual program is due to joint volunteer efforts of both the arts community and Landcare community. It is valuable to the network in that it accesses a different part of the community and people who would not have necessarily come into Landcare. It also highlights and raises awareness of environmental issues, such as threatened species , to other volunteer community groups.

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