Indigenous Species Demonstration Site

When the local tennis club folded in 2005, and with the management of the tennis court land in the hands of the local community, the Murroon Landcare Group came up with an innovative use of the 1 hectare site.

After cleaning up the site, the group designed and planted out a ‘demonstration garden’ showcasing species of trees, shrubs and grasses indigenous to the area.

 The garden provides a seed bank for local plants and information for residents on the most appropriate and successful species for revegetation in Murroon. A site map and species markers helps any visitor with correct identification of the species, and the grown trees give an indication of the potential size, appearance and habit of each species (something hard to ascertain with a small tubestock seedling!)

As the trees have grown, it has become a pleasant spot to sit and the group has enhanced the amenity by including a table setting made of local timber.

Contact: Turn on Javascript! of the Murroon Landcare Group to discuss.

Photo: The demonstration planting on a disused tennis court site in Murroon.



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