Horsecare through Landcare – tapping into a special interest group

The consistent growth in the number of lifestyle and small acreage properties within the Surf Coast Inland Plains Network and throughout the catchment has highlighted the need to provide these landholders with the knowledge to implement sustainable land management practices.  Many of these smaller landholders share an interest and ownership of horses.  These people are an important part of the community, and so is their impact on the landscape; although they may not manage large areas of land, the impact of their land management is evident, with many overgrazed, weed infested horse paddocks in the area.

To tap into this interest, a one day workshop on Horse management was run by Karen O'Keefe (Regional Landcare Facilitator) in 2014. This attracted landholders from far and wide with topics including pasture species, pasture management, shelter, feeding, socialization, and weed control. The workshop led to greater involvement in Landcare by some participants, including participation in whole farm planning.

The success of this approach has led to the development of "Landcare through Horsecare", which will be delivered across the whole Corangamite CMA catchment.

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Photo: Native tree plantations provide shade and shelter for horses in both summer and winter. They are great as a “hospital paddock for sick horses to recover, with the added bonus of a ready firewood supply.


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