Fixed dates for Working Bees promotes regular volunteer participation

Middle Yarra Landcare Network have been working 4-7 years on projects to make areas ‘more indigenous and less weedy’. Promoting this philosophy produces a more enthused and encouraged community, working cohesively on volunteer projects in the region. Arthur commented that ‘our volunteers and the broader community are now “seeing first hand , the fruits of our labours” .

The MYLN have discovered that having ‘fixed date’ working bees ensures regular volunteer input to project works. The Network always ensure there is a representative on site on the ‘fixed’ dates listed on their email and newsletter promotions. Volunteers normally concentrate on weed control and revegetation works. Hosting working bees a couple of weeks apart ensures continuity:

“When you have working bees too far apart on the calendar you lose momentum and people get side tracked” said Arthur Murchow.

Sites that are on the ‘fixed date’ program include Anderson Creek and the Gold Memorial Road Car park at Warrandyte.

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