Farm Talk magazine, a bi-annual publication of land health and sustainable agriculture activities in the Corangamite region

Farm Talk aims to inspire local land managers by showcasing the fantastic and innovative work being done in the region to enhance our soils, water and vegetation.

The focus is on locally relevant topics and issues from a landholder perspective, facilitated through the channel of Landcare, with support from industry and agency experts.

This publication was originally developed by the Upper Barwon Landcare Network for its members. It was quickly taken up and funding sought ( and secured) to expand the audience to cover the whole Corangamite region.

With Australian government support we will be producing four editions over the next two years.  The first edition ( attached) was produced in March this year (2017).

Click here to view Edition 1 Farm Talk Vol. 1 March 2017

Please contact  Turn on Javascript! of the Upper Barwon Landcare Network for more information, e.g. to see how this publication might inspire publications applicable to other regions.

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