Engaging people from other cultures in landcare

One particular group in the Western Melbourne Landcare Network area have embraced Landcare, the Karen people of Burma. The Network run an education program for the Karen and they have established a community garden and art and craft displays featuring Karen culture.

Community plantings have been a focus for the Karen with up to 30 people attending 3 times a week. They have also worked closely with Parks Victoria and the Friends of Werribee Park with one Karen person even offered work with Parks Victoria.

The Karen have also been integral to the success of the seed collection program co-ordinated by the Network. A Karen girl was trained in seed collection and propagation and employed by the Network to undertake aspects of the project. Colleen Miller has been an important player in setting up the relationship between Landcare and the Karen and would be happy to talk to other Landcare Networks should they have similar ideas.

Contact: John Forrester, Chair, 0401854560 or Colleen Miller, Facilitator, 0401645468


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