Engaging the migrant community in landcare

The collaboration between WMLN and Parks Victoria is a strong one. When PV offered the ‘Chirnside Homestead’ at Werribee Park to house the Network they jumped at the opportunity. The Network under the leadership of Chair John Forrester and staff Colleen Miller and Susie Ingles have established a ‘Natural History Centre’ at the homestead. Visiting school groups and the broader community can see examples of locally discovered fossils , marine exhibits and birds that have been through the taxidermy process.

The Werribee River Association is also a key player in the Networks activities with the group's overarching vision to connect people to their landscapes. John mentioned that this was particularly important in the Werribee area “We have a large number of migrants around Werribee, this is a place where they can learn about and enjoy a landscape and flora and fauna that they may not be accustomed to .. it’s a great way to welcome them”

Contact: John Forrester, Chair, 0401854560 or Colleen Miller, Facilitator, 0401645468


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