ENEWS and teleconferencing

The Westernport Landcare Network utilise their ‘ENEWS’ prompt email system to get news out to members as soon as possible. This system also ensures stories and updates go to local publications, getting to people in the community who may not be Landcare members and do not receive the ENEWS updates.

Facilitators and Co-ordinators often have to travel long distances to meetings with Landcare Networks and Groups.

Westernport Landcare Network have utilised mobile phone technology to ensure Landcare staff do not have to attend all meetings , thus saving the Network travel time costs. Jim Armstrong from the Network explained :

“All we do is sit around and have the mobile loudspeaker on .. you can hear no worries .. it makes good sense.”

Contact: Turn on Javascript! of the Westernport Landcare Network to discuss.


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The Share Centre is a service provided by Landcare Victoria Incorporated (LVI)