Healthy resilient partnerships - a template for success

Since 1999, the Bass Coast Landcare Network’s partnership with Westernport Water has grown from strength to strength. The partnership strengths are based on the fundamentals of good governance, trust, flexibility and the development of a shared mutually beneficial vision.

The partnership is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding which is reviewed annually and negotiated every 5 years.  Along will the MOU an annual operational plan is developed which documents the annual activities to be funded and implemented.

These activities come under the categories of Partnership Contribution and Fee for Service. Simply, partnership contribution activities are those activities the Bass Coast Landcare Network undertakes within the Candowie Reservoir Catchment and on Phillip Island. Fee for service activities are on ground works performed by the Bass Coast Landcare Network works crew on Westernport Water owned and managed assets. All fee for service activities are documented in 5 year management plans, also produced by the Bass Coast Landcare Network for Westernport Water.

The partnership is valuable to Bass Coast Landcare Network as it enables the network to continue to have a presence in the catchment with the aim of engaging landowners for potential projects. The fee for service component of the partnership provides the network with a reliable source of income from its involvement in the Port Phillip region and enables it to remain financially viable. It is a great example of one that could be shared with other water boards and networks throughout Gippsland.

The partnership is also valuable to Westernport Water as it ensures their catchment and biodiversity objectives are continually being met through landowner engagement and the sustainable management of their assets.


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