Out of the ashes - new groups and a new network

The devastating Black Saturday fires of 2009 had significant impacts on people and landscapes across the Northern Yarra Landcare Network area. Borne out of the fires were two new Landcare Groups, Chums Creek and Dixons Creek, who joined Steels Creek to form the Network.

In the initial formative years of the Network, the State Government funded a Facilitator, who serviced the groups in the Network. The funding however did not last beyond a few years, and since that time the Network has been completely self-sufficient, serviced by Volunteers. This has not impacted on the camaraderie between the member groups, with President Angie Lloyd commenting that “it’s wonderful how the groups look out for each other, our areas back onto each other, and we share loads of information with each other”.

The majority of landholders in the area covered by the 3 groups in the Network are Landcare members. This is particularly important when examples like a Landcare newsletter comes into calculations. A distribution of 200 copies covers most landholders, and those landholders that don’t receive one probably see it on the coffee table at a local café !

An explanation of how the groups formed after the 2009 bushfires can be explored in more detail by contacting Angie Lloyd.

Contact: Angie Lloyd, President, 0412 343 242.




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