Blackberry Action with outstanding results

The Northern Yarra Landcare Network and its member groups Chums Creek, Steels Creek and Dixons Creek applied for and were successfully funded to undertake a 3 year Blackberry Control Program.

In what has proven to be an extremely well supported program in the area, the groups and their project officer have worked with around 68 landholders to manage Blackberry after the 2009 Bushfires. Collaboration with Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, the local Shire Council and VicRoads has led to large swathes of Blackberry infested land being cleaned up and even sections of the Melba Highway were worked on after meetings with the afore mentioned organisations.

A significant outcome of this project is that in one area there were 60 landholders who considered their infestations were dire. Post 3 year project and the number of ‘heavy infestation’ properties is down to 2! That is a remarkable achievement in 3 years. Angie Lloyd from the Landcare Network said:

“This project has been a real bonus for our area. We have noticed raised levels of awareness around Blackberry and its impacts .. we are pleased that the landscape looks much better as a result of our project … now we just need to tackle the remaining problem patches.”

Contact: Angie Lloyd, President, 0412 343 242.




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