Community Planning in the Woady Yaloak Catchment

The Woady Yaloak Catchment Group uses a novel approach to landcare planning.  Each year the Group holds four local community based functions, usually with a meal, where landholders come along and describe all the landcare works they wish to undertake in the next year.  Essentially the meetings are a verbal expression of interest by the landholders across a range of landcare issues.

It is the responsibility of the landcare staff at the meetings to capture these ideas in enough detail so they can be presented to the Executive committee for funding.  Landholders know they are required to have calculations of the works required and the likely costs before the meeting.  They are also encouraged to bring a neighbour.

The approach is fantastic for encouraging group thinking on a range of landcare activities, fosters collaboration across farm boundary and enables the sharing intentions, so people know what everyone else is doing (unlike a written EOI which only a few people know about).  It eliminates paperwork for landholders but also enables the executive committee to know landholders intentions across a range of landcare issues, so group applications can be sought on a landholder’s behalf when grant applications open.

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