Biolink Planning

A key priority of the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network is reconnecting patches of existing remnant vegetation. Despite being the most biodiverse 750km2 in Victoria, more than 80% of the peninsula has been cleared for farming and development. We decided to tackle the issue of habitat loss by drafting potential routes of reconnection across the peninsula. We used habitat quality mapping as the basis for the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Biolinks Plan. 

This approach was piloted in the Devilbend Foundation's "Bay to Bay" biolinks program, then developed through workshops with local Landcare representatives, in consultation with members of the Mornington Peninsula Shire's Natural Systems Team, Parks Victoria, local ecologists and others. Mapping of habitat quality has been invaluable to groups when planning their restoration projects, providing a scientific rationale to their work and supporting their project proposals.

The "Linking the Mornington Peninsula Landscape" project is backed by $20,000 per year from the Natural Resources Conservation League, and has proved to be really successful.

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