Agricultural Landscapes across the Mornington Peninsula Shire

The Mornington Peninsula Shire is a composite mixture of urban settlements and rural landscapes. It has a total area of 720km² of which 30% is classified in the urban growth boundary and the remaining 70% designated Green Wedge Zone; a significant landscape zone providing numerous benefits including:

• opportunities for a diverse range of agricultural uses; protection of rural and high amenity landscapes;
• preservation of conservation areas close to where people live;
• protection of renewable and non-renewable resources and natural areas; and
• a network of open accessible spaces for the community.

The Western Port Catchment Landcare Network has developed a series of 12 fact sheets on a variety of topics of special interest to the small landholder. Whilst these fact sheets have been developed for landholders in this region of Victoria, the advice offered equally applies to other parts.

Click here to view the Fact Sheet Agricultural Landscapes across the Mornington Peninsula Shire

Source material is available so groups can edit and print their own modified version:

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