Treeguard Removal with help from the Green Army

The Neerim and District Landcare Group (NDLG) wishes to engage the Green Army in a task to remove redundant plastic treeguards from several old project sites and seeks collaboration with other local groups to create a viable Green Army project.

Since 2004, the NDLG has planted many thousands of trees within the Tarago Reservoir Catchment, and up until around 2009, those treeguards were the clear plastic variety, the sort which do not readily break down, and which over time actually contribute to the death of the trees which they so valiantly defended when those trees were just vulnerable little seedlings. Nowadays we use cardboard juice carton guards which do breakdown in just a year or two.

We estimate that a Green Army crew would take approximately 3 weeks (15 days) to complete the task of removing all the guards and disposing of them at the local transfer station.

In order to successfully apply for a GA crew, we will need to establish a project which will meet the critera set by the federal government. So, we are seeking other West Gippsland landcare groups to collaborate with to establish a joint project. These groups may each have one or a range of tasks to do and collectively, we all may well be placed to submit a single, collective viable bid.

Such other tasks may include tree planting, site preparation, track maintenance, hand weed removal, and so on...typical landcare on-ground activities. Our treeguard removal will be just one phase of the joint project.

So, if your group is interested in such a collaboration, please contact the President of the Neerim and District Landcare Group, Sean Dignum at his email address Turn on Javascript!

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