‘Feral Feast’ – the art of cooking rabbits in the Barrabool Hills

The “Easter Bunny’s” cuddly and friendly persona has created a dilemma for many Australians. The reality is the wild European rabbit has, since introduction to Australia by early settlers, destroyed the landscape, decimating crops, pastures, native trees and shrubs in a very short time.  With their ability to breed at a prolific rate, along with their voracious appetite and ability to adapt to their environment, rabbits have become a major pest in Australia.

The Barrabool Hills Landcare group was looking for a way to highlight the issue, and born out of pragmatism and desire to have some fun along the way, the ”Feral Feast the art of cooking rabbits in the Barrabool Hills” was conceived. The book contains 21 unique adaptations of classic recipes, with anecdotes and quotes, in celebration of 21 years of Landcare in “The Hills”.

It is the culmination of the efforts of the wonderfully talented members of our community and the ingenuity of generations of cooks whose recipes we have featured.

The recipes in their own way illustrate how this insidious pest as impacted on society.

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Photo: Cover of the Barrabool Hills Rabbit Cook Book, ‘Feral Feast’



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