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Blackberry Action with outstanding results

Published: Jan, 2016

The Northern Yarra Landcare Network and its member groups Chums Creek, Steels Creek and Dixons Creek applied for and were successfully funded to undertake a 3 year Blackberry Control Program. See how they did this, and why not give them a call !

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Out of the ashes - new groups and a new network

Published: Jan, 2016

The devastating Black Saturday fires of 2009 had significant impacts on people and landscapes across the Northern Yarra Landcare Network area. Borne out of the fires were two new Landcare Groups, Chums Creek and Dixons Creek, who joined Steels Creek to form the Network. An explanation of how the groups formed after the 2009 bushfires can be explored in more detail by contacting the on...

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Starting a Landcare Network from scratch

Published: Jan, 2016

Great experience from the Mornington Peninsula on starting a Landcare Network from scratch.

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Fox, rabbit and wild dog control

Published: Jan, 2016

A gem of a contact for advice and expertise in controlling foxes, rabbits and wild dogs.

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