1)  How do I go about getting something I think would be valuable to other groups added to the Landcare Share Centre?

The best place to start is to review the gem submission guidelines and then to send us an email at gems@vlc.org.au outlining what you would like to have added to the Share Centre. The Share Centre team will review you email and contact you if they require any additional information.

2)  Who manages and supports the Landcare Share Centre?

The Landcare Share Centre is supported and  run by the Victorian Landcare Council.

3)  Is the LSC duplicating information available on the Landcare gateway and other websites ?

The VLC’s new Landcare Share Centre is an online tool designed to facilitate landcarers sharing with landcarers. It is not a portal to other websites, nor does it duplicate information held elsewhere on the internet.

Rather, it is a repository of things which landcarers, individuals, groups and even networks have found useful through practical implementation. These things, which we call our our “Gems” are proven Ideas, Resources (many of which have been developed by landcarers), useful Contacts and worthwhile Opportunities (being opportunities for groups and networks to form mutually-beneficial partnerships) are available in the share centre for others to view and to take inspiration from. There is also the capacity for people to share Stories. 

The key thing to remember is this: the share centre promotes and facilitates sharing, not (per se) education, up-skilling, knowledge building, information storage and so on. Your favourite search engine has all the technology behind it to support these things. The share centre on the other hand, is all about SHARING, and the VLC encourages the landcare community to open up and share with others all those things that have proven to be useful in advancing the landcare cause.



The Landcare Share Centre is grassroots Landcare supporting grassroots Landcare

The Share Centre is a service provided by Landcare Victoria Incorporated (LVI)