About the Landcare Share Centre

The Victorian Landcare Council  developed the Landcare Share Centre as a practical means to facilitate sharing and collaboration within the landcare community of Victoria. Landcarers are naturally supportive of  each other, and the Landcare Share Centre makes it easy for Landcarers to help Landcarers.

The Landcare Share Centre was first launched in January 2016 as a pilot, to test the interest and the effectiveness of an online tool that makes it easier for landcarers to help landcarers. The first release simply facilitates the sharing of the following:

  • Resources developed by one group that may be useful to other groups
  • Ideas that may be useful for others to consider
  • Contacts who could be useful to other groups
  • Various types of Opportunities for a group to collaborate with one or more other groups 

Any items added to the Landcare Share Centre are referred to as Gems and the list above highlights the main types of gems supported in the initial release of the Landcare Share Centre.

And, because stories can be inspirational, that is, full of ideas, we have included a Landcare Stories section too, for landcarers to share and inspire with their successes !

Pictorially, the Landcare Share Centre is best represented by this model:-

Landcare Share Centre


The Landcare Share Centre is grassroots Landcare supporting grassroots Landcare

The Share Centre is a service provided by Landcare Victoria Incorporated (LVI)