Welcome to the Landcare Share Centre

The Landcare Share Centre makes it easier for Landcare to help Landcare by providing the means for individuals and organisations to share useful resources, ideas, contacts and opportunities for collaboration. Within the centre, we call these share-worthy things 'Gems'. Gems have, through real world application, been identified by landcarers as probably being useful to other landcarers.

Gems are grouped into 4 categories:-

  1. Useful Resources
  2. Useful Ideas
  3. Useful Contacts
  4. Opportunities for Collaboration


There are currently 100 gems being shared.

We hope that you find plentiful precious Gems within, and that you take the time to submit your own Gems for the benefit of all Landcare. Also, take a look at the Landcare Stories section - stories of success can inspire, and as such, they should be shared too !



The Landcare Share Centre is grassroots Landcare supporting grassroots Landcare

The Share Centre is a service provided by Landcare Victoria Incorporated (LVI)